Safe Space

STASH is committed to maintaining a safe space for all of our customers, students, and staff members.

STASH welcomes and celebrates people of ALL races, countries of origin, religions, genders, sexual orientations, ages, and people of all abilities.

STASH has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and hate speech from both our customers, and our employees.   

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable at STASH and experience fibre arts without barriers.

Our shop is street level with large double doors at the entrance. We have a large, non-gendered washroom available.

We have three classrooms, one on the main floor, and two downstairs which can be accessed by elevator. When registering for classes at STASH, we encourage you to share any concerns or accommodation you may need so we can ensure you feel safe and welcome.

Service animals and aides are always welcome in our classes.  

If you're a prospective student or customer who may require special accommodations, or have concerns about accessibility please don't hesitate to reach out