Learn to Knit

Teaching people to knit may just be our favourite thing in the whole dang world! We've been teachin' peeps in Calgary how to knit since 2012, and in 2021 we decided it was time to teach the rest of the world.

We're so excited to share our completely free, online Learn to Knit class with you! 

If you're a local peep and would prefer to take a class in-person at STASH, we have those, too! Check out our latest Learn to Knit offerings here.

What you'll need to get started: 

- An official STASH Learn to Knit Kit OR:

- One ball of super bulky (size 6) yarn with approximately 100 yards. We recommend Lion Brand Thick & Quick, but any equivalent yarn will do the trick. 

-  A pair of 12mm (US 17) knitting needles 

- 2 x buttons (2" or so) 

- 1 x darning needle

- 1 x removeable stitch marker

- A copy of the FREE Learn to Knit Cowl Pattern 

You'll also want to keep some scissors and a measuring tape handy. 

Let's get started! You can follow along on YouTube to like and save the videos as well.

Lesson 1: Intro to Learn to Knit

Lesson 2: How to read a knitting pattern

Lesson 3: How to do the long tail cast on 

Lesson 4: How to do the knit stitch

 Lesson 5: How to track your progress

Lesson 6: How to purl

 Lesson 7: How to fix knitting mistakes by unknitting or tinking

Lesson 8: How to fix knitting mistakes by frogging or ripping back

Lesson 9: How to knit buttonholes (YO and K2Tog)

 Lesson 10: How to cast off or bind off knitting

 Lesson 11: How to weave in your ends

Lesson 12: How to sew on buttons

 Lesson 13: Outro

Got questions? We have an awesome team of crafty peeps ready and willing to help! Shoot us an email at questions(at)stashlounge.com and we will do our best to lend a virtual hand!