Crafty Rewards

Ricky don’t lose that number! Our rewards program has been revamped so that you get more points to use more often. Kangaroo Rewards is our new provider and boy is it fun!

How it works:

Sign up at STASH by providing your phone number, which would be used each time we want to give you points. Kangaroo Rewards even has an app that you can sign in to after becoming a member and review your available rewards! Sweet!

  • 150 points = A sweet set of Stash Bamboo Needles!
  • 200 points = $5.00 off your purchase!
  • 250 points = $10.00 off your purchase!
  • 300 points = $15.00 off your purchase!

Why sign up? Crafty peeps earn one point for every dollar spent, and these points can be redeemed for knitting needles, saving on your total purchase, and you will get offers and mini sales sent right to you, exclusive to members only.

Something to note: Crafty Rewards are currently only redeemable in store. You can keep collecting points when you purchase online by entering your phone number before you add your items to your cart, and we'll add the points to your in-store account. If you don't have a rewards account yet, don't worry! Just add your number and we'll start an account for you. 

To use your loyalty card in store:

When you visit STASH, provide your phone number at checkout and our staff will then see what offers you can redeem and will also add points to your card as you earn ‘em. That’s it. Simple. Fun. Rewarding. Just like knitting!

Peep our FAQ for more info.