Chunky Rib Toque aka THE BIG HAT!

Chunky Rib Toque aka THE BIG HAT!

Knit the Best.Hat.Ever with super chunky, super satisfying wool. This project knits up supa’ fast and makes for a great gift. 

Grapefruit sized pom poms are optional, but strongly encouraged. 


K - Knit | P - Purl | CO - Cast On | PM - Place Marker

SM - Slip Marker | Rnd - Round | st(s) - Stitches

DPN - Double pointed needle | K2Tog - Knit two stitches together

*to* indicates a repeating pattern 

Size & Gauge: 

One size fits most - if you want a smaller hat, try going down a needle size. Bam! 

Gauge: 9.5 sts x 12 rows = 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”) 

on larger needles, stockinette stitch in the round


Our sample used approximately 80 metres/87 yards. 

Needles n’ Notions:

Start Knitting That Big Hat! 

On smaller needles, CO 42 sts using the long tail cast on. PM for the beginning of round, and join to work in the round (being careful not to twist your stitches!) 

Rounds 1-16 or until piece measures approx 14cm (5.5”)

Work in *K3, P3* ribbing (repeating from * to *) around

Body Of The Toque

Switch to larger needles. K all sts for approximately 17 rounds, or until your piece measures about 25cm (9.75”) from the cast on edge.

Shape The Crown! 

Switch to your DPNs when it becomes too awkward to continue using your circulars.

Round 1: *K5, K2Tog* until end of rnd (36 sts)

Round 2: K all sts

Round 3: *K4, K2Tog* until end of rnd (30 sts)

Round 4: K all sts

Round 5: *K3, K2Tog* until end of rnd (24 sts)

Round 6: K all sts

Round 7: *K2, K2Tog* until end of rnd (18 sts)

Round 8: K all sts

Round 9: *K1, K2Tog* until end of rnd (12 sts)

Round 10: *K2Tog* until end of rnd (6 sts)


Break yarn leaving a long tail. Thread your darning needle with the tail and put the needle through all the remaining stitches on the knitting needles, and pull it super tight! Weave in your ends.

Make A Big Ol’ Pom Pom!

Optional, but highly recommended. We like the Clover XL Pom Pom Maker because we love our pom poms grapefruit sized, but you can use whatever pom pom maker works best for you. Use contrast colour yarn for a fun pop of colour, or get yourself one of those fancy faux fur poms! 

Helpful Video: How to make an XL pom pom by Knifty Knittings (aka the pom pom queen!) 


Congrats on your brand new BIG HAT!

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Looking for a printable version? Click here for the free download!
This nifty pattern was designed by STASHy peep, Veronica! 
Veronica Murphy STASHy Queen
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