Yarnbombing 101

Yarnbombing 101

A STASHy quick guide to yarnbombing

What is yarnbombing?

Yarnbombing is creating a knit or crochet piece that is meant to be installed in a public space so that it interrupts our everyday interactions, draws attention to infrastructure, or creates a general sense of whimsy or playfulness in an otherwise banal urban environment. 

Pick what you want to yarn bomb! 

Once you start looking around you will see a world ready to be yarnbombed! Poles, benches, fences, posts - any infrastructure that you can visualize attaching something to is pretty fair game! 

In general, yarnbombing trees is NOT recommended, unless you are committed to leaving it up for lease than two weeks and will take it down without harming the tree. Yarnbombs on trees look magical but they can unintentionally become a home for pests, damage the surface bark, encourage mold or fungal growth, or even choke the tree (if left on for a long period). 

Another important part of yarnbombing is courtesy - do not yarnbomb private property without permission unless you are okay with it being removed. Also do not yarnbomb in a way that covers signage, safety messaging, or other critical infrastructure. 

Measure it!

Measure the piece that you want to yarnbomb. Poles are fun to bomb because it’s an easy calculation and installation can be fairly simple. Here is an example of a measurement and the sizing decisions that come with the measurement:

Example: you measure a pole and it has a circumference of  25 cm and you want the piece to be 100 cm long. You will want to knit the diameter to be slightly less than 25 cm so that you can stretch it onto the pole and seam it up. You will want to knit to the length that you desire, such as 100cm, without any adjustment. 

Make it!

Once you have measurements, it’s time to get crafting. Bust that stash and gather all of your scraps of yarn and pick out the colours that you want to use. Yarnbombing can be elaborate and well planned with decorative elements such as colourwork or sculptural shapes. If you are working on a tight timeline, want to just have fun, or are new to knit or crochet then some options to make the project easier include: 

  • Holding multiple strands together and using bulkier needles for a fast knit. 
  • Changing colours often to create stripes, or circles.

Attach it!

Attaching yarnbombing is easiest with some help so it is ideal to bring a buddy to help hold up your piece while you attach it. If you are yarnbombing solo then bring some packing tape and temporarily tape the piece up, attach it, and then remove the tape without damaging the piece. Bring a darning needle and extra yarn.

Attaching it is as simple as sewing it together onto the object. If you are detail-oriented, then mattress stitch it together or sew it together in a discrete way that hides the seams. If you are more cavalier then just get ‘er done! Yarnbombing is a temporary installation and is forgiving if its a bit sloppy - it’s supposed to be whimsical!

Remove it!

It is important to yarnbomb responsibly which means cleaning up after ourselves. If your yarnbomb withstands the element or isn’t taken down already, revisit your yarnbombing and cut it off from it’s installation in a timely manner. Yarnbombing should not be attached to trees for any longer than a week or two because it can become a home for tree pests, choke a tree, or otherwise damage it. Yarnbombing on non-living items can stay up for longer, but once they become weathered-looking it should be removed because we want yarnbombing to spark joy not sadness - and there is nothing sadder than a faded, dirty, saggy piece of yarnbombing.  

Interested in joining STASH’s summer yarnbomb project? We are still working out the full deets but it’s going to be great and Sign up here!

Other great online resources



Yarnbombing Demos at STASH

Are you interested in learning how to yarnbomb in a public space? Learn how you can add a pop of colour and joy to a public space in your hood. Be sure to visit STASH for a FREE demo on April 27th, 2024! Demo’s will be at 11am and 2pm that day.

As a part of our Local Yarn Shop Day (LYS Day), Veronica will be doing a quick talk and demo in front of the STASH building, rain or shine! She will demonstrate some easy colour changing techniques for knitters and crocheters and will show you how to sew a finished piece onto a pole. 

Demonstrations will last approximately 20 minutes on an accessible sidewalk in the heart of Inglewood.

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