STASHtistics 2021

STASHtistics 2021

The results are in! The 2021 STASHtistics survery has come to a close, and we've got some super silly data to share. You might be asking yourself "why?" And to that we say, "why the heck not?"

We started off strong, with hard hitting questions about which baby fibre producing animal you'd rather hug. Baby alpacas were the clear winner. 

We wanted to know how big your craft supply stash is, and we're pretty sure 21 of you lied to us when you said you *only* bought yarn when you started a new project. ;-) 

We also asked where the weirdest place you stored your stash was. A lot of you are sneaky car-stashers. The shame pile is also super relatable. 

We wanted to know which essential crafting tool you'd give up if you had to. It was a close call between stitch markers and measuring tapes/rulers, but ultimately you voted to sacrifice the stitch markers. 

As always, we asked which of the year's viral TV shows you watched! 

It was a super close call between The Witcher and Ted Lasso, but ultimately Geralt of Rivia took the title. 

Last but not least we asked which fibre-related holiday you'd rather take. A knitting tour of the Scottish Isles won by such a landslide, we were embarrassed to show you the other results. 

Thanks for playing along - we hope you enjoyed learning more about your fellow STASHy peeps. Until next year, crafters! 

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