STASHtistics 2020

STASHtistics 2020

The results are in for our second annual STASHtistics survey. We asked you some weird questions, and you delivered some awesome answers! 

STASHtistics is a fun way to get to know your fellow STASHy peeps - from knitters to crocheters, stitchers and spinners, we're all part of this big happy crafty family. 

Since 2020 was the year of trying ALL. THE. CRAFTS. we started off by asking about your new crafty hobbies! 

52% of the STASHy peeps surveyed tried between 1 and 3 new crafts! Some serious stitchers really found their crafting mojo and tried 4 to 6 new crafts, and some peeps tried over 7 new crafts! And if you didn't try anything new this year, that's okay - the important thing is you made it through the year. 35% of your peers also didn't have a chance to try anything new in 2020. There's always 2021!

You're probably wondering, which crafts were peeps doing in 2020? 

Out of 1093 peeps surveyed, we had: 

  • 981 peeps knitting
  • 522 peeps sewing
  • 498 peeps crocheting
  • 324 peeps cross stitchin'
  • 296 peeps embroidering
  • 140 peeps needle felting
  • 136 peeps weaving
  • 107 peeps spinning
  • 91 peeps makin' macrame magic
  • 82 peeps punch needlin'
  • 49 peeps wet felting
  • 40 peeps rug hooking

Phew! That's a lot of crafting! We've got lots of multi-talented peeps in this group. 

We asked some weird 'would you rathers'...

Like whether you'd rather knit brioche surrounded by people loudly talking or play yarn chicken with an un-matchable indie dyed yarn. (68% of you are really living on the edge!)

Or whether you'd rather step on a Lego, or sit on a metal darning needle. Stepping on a Lego won, for probably the first time ever. 

There were so many viral shows in 2020 - some good, some awful. Which of these trending TV shows did you watch?

Remember the Tiger King phase of lockdown? It seems so far away now. 

Whether you loved 'em, or hated 'em, there's no denying you heard of 'em! 

Lastly, we asked what the WEIRDEST craft you ever made was.

I'm going to start this off by saying you made a lot of dirty things with yarn, ha! But some of the answers that really took the cake were gems like this magnificent sounding cat photoshoot...

Some of you bedazzled things, some of you made fake food. Some of you combined real food AND bedazzeling for a festive holiday decoration. 

Some of you knit some truly epic creations - like a pregnant Beyonce figurine, dog pants, and a turkey hat for a baby. 

And some of you defied the laws of science with Electric Hot Dogs, and 6 Legged Flying Bison! 

We hope you enjoyed the results of the survey as much as we did! Congratulations to our randomly chosen winner of the $200 STASH prize pack: Jennifer K from Calgary! Woohoo! Our winner has been noticed via email  :) 

We'll see you next year for STASHtistics 2021. 

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