STASH’s Online Ordering Reaches New Heights

STASH’s Online Ordering Reaches New Heights


Crafty peeps! We are so excited to announce that STASH now has even more shipping options for your next order! 

We have partnered with Flirtey ( to get local parcels to your front step in hours instead of days, using Calgary’s first delivery drone service. Flirtey’s cutting edge technology combined with a “last mile” focus has been applied to food delivery, retail, and even medical supplies. We have been working hard with Flirtey since March 15th, 2020 to make this unique delivery service a reality and finally cleared a big hurdle with municipal zoning and airspace regulation to bring you a safe, innovative, and contactless ordering experience.

Starting at 12 noon today, you will be able to select “Eagle Ship” at checkout, applicable to orders that meet the following conditions:

  • orders must be over $50
  • The parcel must weigh 5kg or less 
  • The shipping address is for a single-family, detached home (no condo deliveries yet)

If you chose this shipping method your order will be delivered using Flirtey Eagle drones within three hours. The weight restriction means that heavier parcels, such as looms, weaving equipment, and books are excluded, but lightweight orders of yarn, needles, and small accessories are a perfect fit for this fast shipping method.

The cost for Eagle Shipping is a flat rate of $20 - a reasonable price to pay for quick delivery using cutting edge technology. Rest assured that orders that are over $50 will still receive free shipping through Canada Post if you select that option at checkout instead.

If you have questions or concerns about our new Eagle Ship services, please reach out with an email to, and we will get back to you asap.

Your health is of the utmost importance to the STASH team and this contactless option is a great way to get your craft-on while self isolating. Stay safe!

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