Print your own Paul Pal!

Print your own Paul Pal!


A picture of paul the frog surrounded by knitted hats, a top, and knitting project bag. He has a speech bubble to the left saying "print me" in blue textPrint your very own Paul! 

Keep small hands busy this holiday season with a fun froggy printable paper doll, or cut him out and keep him safe in your wallet as your very own emotional-support-frog.

Paul has kind of become our unofficial mascot, and we can't wait to see how you dress him up!

Formatted to print best on Letter size paper. Just right click the image and print away on your preferred paper! 

Knit by our very own retail lead Heather @hm.knit
Pattern by Claire Garland @dotpebbles_knits
Photos by Jillian Logee @logeephoto


A paper doll of paul, a knitted frog. he is in the middle of the page, surrounded by other hand knit items like hats, sweaters and a scarf.


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