Meet Laeia J of The Crafty MD!

Meet Laeia J of The Crafty MD!

Today we're excited to share the work of the lovely Laeia from The Crafty MD! She released her first sweater pattern - the Sandra Lee Sweater. (How is this her first sweater design?! Dang that's talent!) 

You can get a copy of the Sandra Lee Sweater on Ravelry or on the Crafty MD website! Laeia used Estelle Worsted and 6 and 8 mm crochet hooks for a fast, super affordable, suprer cozy sweater! Now, let's learn a little bit more about Laeia!

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: Hi, I'm Laeia and I am a new independent designer. I have over 10 years of experience in knit and crochet and have started designing my own patterns in the last year. I specialize in thoughtful, family inspired designs and am quickly gaining skills in pattern testing. However, I also like to play with pops of color and interesting techniques. When I'm not chasing my passion in the fiber arts, I'm in training as a radiology resident.

Q: Where are you based out of? 

A: Ohio!

Q: Tell us about your design!

A: The Sandra Lee Sweater is meant to honor my paternal grandmother and great grandmother. They are both hardworking women who helped to raise my brother and I when we were young. When I think of them, I think of warmth and comforting scents. So I wanted the fit to make me feel that way too. The blue is reminiscent of the lake their town is named for. The silver symbolizes their wisdom. And the stair step neckline represents those traits passed down that make us wholly unique.

Q: Where can peeps follow you on social media? (IG, Facebook, Ravelry, etc)?

A: Instagram: @craftymed


Ravelry: TheCraftyMD



Q: Anything else you want to share with the world? :) 

A: This past year with the pandemic has been difficult for everyone. But because of it, I have connected with some amazing people and myself more. Sometimes the only thing stopping you from reaching your potential is your fear. But, do what you want, even though it may seem crazy. You have everything to gain. I'm co-hosting my first knit-a-long with @flosknitfits this month, so check out my blog if you want to join us.


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