Yarn Substitution Calculator

Welcome to the STASH Yarn Substitution Calculator! Sometimes we fall in love with a clever little pattern but we want to use a different yarn instead of the exact yarn called for in the pattern. Maybe that yarn isn’t available, is discontinued, or darn it if we just want to use something even prettier than the original. No matter what the reason, we want to help you calculate that substitution with confidence.

So take the guess work out of substituting yarn, kerplunk some numbers into the fields below, and BAM! you have a clue about what you really need for your project.

Psst - you can sub meters for yards - just make sure you use the same unit throughout!

A couple of IMPORTANT things:

  • The final calculation is an estimate only, because it is impossible to guarantee a perfect sub.
  • Pick a unit of measurement and stick to it. We prefer and refer to meterage.
  • Make sure that your substitute yarn is the same weight as the original yarn – ex. fingering.
  • We usually recommend that you buy one extra ball/skein for your project as a safeguard because dye lots can be as rare as unicorns.
  • If a pattern has multiple colours, you will want to do a calculation for each colour needed.
  • Don’t get hung up on grams, because 100g of alpaca would be a very different meterage than 100g of merino! Meterage is better for substitution estimates.
  • Unsure of the meterage of the original yarn? Look that yarn up on the wise and all-knowing Ravelry website.