We're Back!

Hey Crafty Peeps,

We hustled with muscle and are excited to announce that STASH will be reopening soon! We sincerely thank you for all of your support and well-wishes over the past three months. While it is not “business as usual” we will be offering our STASH-style customer service in different ways. We have missed you! 

The shop has been rearranged to provide more elbow room for our staff and customers to social distance, with a more open floor plan! There are some important things you need to know before your in-store visit, so please read on…

If possible, please continue with local pick-up or use our shipping option. This is truly the safest way to shop - this pandemic isn’t over yet, even if we really want it to be, and this method offers the lowest chance for contracting or spreading the virus.

Be prepared to wait outside before entering. We are limiting our capacity to ten customers in the shop in total and whenever we reach that capacity we will be asking you to wait in line outside for your turn to visit. We will have spaces clearly marked to provide adequate social distancing during your wait.

If possible please leave your family members and kiddos at home. If you must bring a shopping companion with you please note that they will count towards our ten person limit so please encourage them to wait outside. If bringing your sweet kiddo is unavoidable, please keep them close during your visit and discourage touching. And as much as we love and miss your doggos, we kindly ask that you leave them at home for now too. 

We will be asking everyone who visits to sanitize their hands when they enter the store. We have a lovely no-touch sanitization station for ya! The WHO discourages wearing gloves as a means of protecting against infection and that gloves can paradoxically spread the virus so we will ask that they be removed when you enter the shop.

Our team will be wearing masks, and we encourage you to wear masks too. Studies have shown that masks not only reduce the spread of covid but they also will be an important part of fighting the second wave of the pandemic! If you rely on  lip reading as a part of communication then please let us know and we will accommodate!  Those who opt to not wear a mask may experience limitations on customer service so that our staff can maintain a safe social distance. 

We will not be assisting with hands-on technical assistance. Our staff will need to focus on safely assisting all of the crafty peeps who are in the shop and with new protocols for social distancing we will not be able to handle your pattern printouts, knit or crochet projects, or other supplies from home.

Please be prepared for delays and limits on our winding services. While we still are happy to offer this service, we may need more time than usual to wind your yarn - anywhere from 20 minutes to one business day. We will do our best to wind up to two yarns at the time of purchase but if there is a line up to enter the shop we may ask that you wait outside while yarn is being wound. If you require more winding or would like to bring in yarn that was previously purchased at STASH for winding, please be prepared to leave it with us for up to the next business day.

We will provide sanitized shopping baskets for your shopping needs. Please help us minimize product handling by only touching products with intent and avoid cuddling our temping, squishy yarns. If an item is too large to place in a basket or if you need sweater quantities of yarn pulled from shelving then our staff will be happy to assist.

Please be prepared to wait at the till to pay for your purchase. We will be sanitizing the payment area in between each transaction, and we appreciate your patience while we do this important step.

If you are returning a product, please bring it in a clear plastic bag, in sellable condition, with your invoice or receipt. If your items were purchased online we are able to offer refunds only, and if you are returning items purchased in-store, we are able to offer in-store credit or refund.

Please respect social distancing with the staff and fellow customers.  Give staff the space that they need to safely assist, and respect other customers while they browse. This may involve waiting for your turn to view products in high traffic areas. Any abuse directed to our team will not be tolerated. 

We may change these in-store visiting rules at any time. We will continually adapt to safety rules as advised by the government and our business needs and we appreciate your patience while we get used to this new way of doing business.

Our new hours:

Tuesdays to Fridays - OPEN 12noon to 6pm 

Saturdays and Sundays - OPEN 11am to 5pm

Mondays - CLOSED 

Changes to local pick up:

Orders can now be picked up any time during our new retail hours of operation - yay! As always, please wait until you receive your "ready for pickup" email.

We do have a few changes to how local pick up will work:

  1. When you arrive, please check in with the “Yarncierge” at the door about your pick up. Once you are in the shop you are also welcome to look around!

  2. If you would prefer not to enter the shop, please call us at 403 457 0766 to arrange pick up outside of our doors.

  3. If you arrive for pick up and the shop is at our capacity limits then we kindly ask that you line up outside beside our curbside pick up sign for your turn to enter.