Yes B’y

Newfoundland in the fall is nothing short of sublime. Some people may scoff at the hypercolour tourism commercials on tv and while I didn’t see a perfectly curated line of quilts a clothesline, I did get to rediscover the western half of my home province in all of its glory. My semi-annual trip back has been full of magic.


  • Hiking through Sandbanks Provincial Park in Burgeo, NL – a stunning panorama of sandy beaches juxtaposed against wild grasses, giant ferns, and partridgeberry patches.
  • Watching a manic Ukranian band called the Kubasonics bang out their rendition of Baba O’Riley by the Who at Bootleg Brewing Company while we enjoy a local pint.
  • A perfect evening at the cabin, with a beaver swimming across the pond while a technicolour sunset ends the day.
  • Watching my kiddo talking to/screaming like a lunatic at the vivid  blue jays that visit my fathers feeder each morning for peanuts.
  • Enjoying an evening of new and traditional Newfoundland folklore and music in Cowhead on the Northern Peninsula.
  • Going to yard sales in Deer Lake and chatting with retired Newfoundlanders as they tell us something remarkable about every.single.thing for sale – because everything has a story.
  • Exploring Green Point and Lobster Cove Head in Gros Morne, breathing deeply and feeling the waves pound against land.

It’s funny place, Newfoundland. It can be as ordinary as a Walmart parking lot one minute and as extraordinary as a perfect sunset the next. That’s the charm of it – the mundane is constantly intertwined with the natural beauty of the place and the everyday is fused with whimsy and wonder. If you ever get a chance to visit, please do.

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