Winter is Coming

winter is coming and I could use a toqueOkay, I have bring this up… after watching The Game of Thrones in a marathon tv-binge session that was neither healthy or productive, I do not recall seeing a single piece of knitwear on anyone. Not. A. Soul.

Believe me, I looked, because I can be one of those geeky fans who replicates knitwear from my favourite sci-fi movies (it's amazing how revealing this post is quickly becoming). My first obsession was with the original Doctor Who scarf . There is an entire book of Harry Potter knitwear patterns available. Approximately three minutes after Hunger Games was published there were knitted Mockingjay pin patterns flooding fanblogs across the land.

Before anyone emails me, I need to let you know that I get it. I get it! The Stark family and all of the big players in the series are power people who are warriors, and warriors are also hunters (or hang around with hunters or can order others to hunt for them) and these  tough as nails ruthless survivors are not going to debase their elevated life position by modelling some wimpy knits made from sad little sheep who spend their entire lives being led by others. Jon Snow is not a sheep. He is a warrior. He also looks mighty cold whenever he leans over the wall for a glimpse at the horrors below.

But people, Winter is Coming. Isn't that all about being prepared? Wool is a harvestable crop like anything else and if they want to survive years of winter then shouldn't they be stockpiling yarn to A toque for Jon Snowswath their pitiful winter-borm babies so that they will get though this strange dysfunctional season schedule? It takes a lot less energy to knit a sweater by the fire than it does to trudge through thee third year of winter to hunt a starving. mangy animal for its fur coat.

Jon needs a toque for his pretty little head, so I recommend this awesome freee pattern from Sweet Fiber Designs, but in black. Of course.

Besides, who has ever heard of fur socks? 

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