Why Fingerless Mittens Rock

fingerless mittens rockWhile walking down leave-covered pathways under a crisp blue sky is romantic and relaxing, having cold hands during your adventure is not. Mittens and gloves have their place but in the early fall they can be overkill. Putting them on, taking them off, putting them on, taking them off, dropping them, squishing them into our pockets… its a racket I tell you! Instead, I like to opt for the fingerless mitten.

Why fingerless mittens rock in the fall:

  1. They are smartphone friendly! Need to check your messages? Not a prob! Pinning your location on Foursquare? It's a cinch!
  2. You can take a photo quickly! Cameras in every shape and form rely on our digits to adjust settings and to even simply snap a shot
  3. You can flip the bird! Bicycling down the road and getting nearly run over by a goon who doesn't know how to share the road sometimes calls for extreme actions that we do not discuss with our mother. Nuff said.
  4. Tie that shoelace! While it is romantic to have your man bend down on one knee and tie it for you, sometimes he's not around – and asking a stranger to do it is just plain ole' weird.
  5. Eating jellybeans is a snap. Or almonds. Or chocolate covered grasshoppers. Whatever floats your boat, it's easier with fingerless mittens!

Need I say more? Pop by STASH and we will give you a free pattern for you to knit your own fingerless mittens with Noro yarn (shown in picture) or any other yummy DK weight yarn! Keep on craftin' on!

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