I tink therefore I am

Hey Joji mystery-knittin’ peeps!

I wanted to do a little update on my Joji progress and share a few tips I have to keep the momentum going. WARNING: this post has SPOILERS to if you want to remain eternally surprised by this MKAL then please read no further until you have completed your first piece of the clue.  Thee hath been warned!

Boy was I tired at our Cast-on party! Never mind how many times I read over the pattern instructions for clue #1, my brain had me convinced that I had waaay more knitting to do than I actually did. The first piece of my clue flew by! It helped that once you knit rows 1 to 49, you only have to repeat the pattern up to and including Row 28 – that’s when you break yarn after completing COLOUR 4.  That’s it. No more garter in colour 3, no second lace panel, nuthin’.  My brain was on auto-pilot and had set a mental goalpost of repeating to Row 49!

Joji MKAL tips for clue 1!

So of course I overshot past Row 28 while watching Riverdale on Netflix and had to un-knit or tink back (which gives one lots of time to reflect and realize that ‘tink’ is ‘knit’ spelled backwards and why did I not know this?) and get on track. It was only three rows but it was enough of my Hedgehog Sock in Pesto so make me a bit sad (yarn is never the same after tinking in my opinion).

For the record, Riverdale is whack. Totally absurd. In a good way. I think.

Tonight I cast-on for the second piece. Bring it ON!

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