The Lazy Lady's Legwarmers

Sometimes a gal just needs a a pair of legwarmers – maybe it's for her Jazzercise class, maybe she want's to look rad at the roller derby, maybe she is an Aquarian with cold limbs and weak ankles…

Whatever the reason,  it is great to have a trusty pair of leg warmers!

Now a true modern woman does not always have time to knit up a sweet set of legwarmers right when she needs them. Sometimes a lady doesn't feel like knitting a pair.  Sometimes it can even be a legwarmer emergency! In such a case, what's a gal to do?

Free those sleeves from torso oppression.

Here is what you do:

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  • Go to your closet and find one sweater that you have rejected. There is one there, I guarantee it! Stop living in clothing denial and accept that you may never find the spare button you lost, or that you never quite liked that colour. Take that rejected sweater out of the closet and give it a new life! Avoid baggy sweaters, cause they usually lead to baggy leg warmers (unless that's the look you're goin' fo').
  • You can even try wiggling your foot into the wrist end of the sleeve of your potential sacrificial sweater to get an idea of how it will look when cut.
  • Get your rotary cutter and chop off the sleeves. Give'r! Butcher that sweater. Make that sweater earn it's keep! Your sweater sleeves will thank you for their new found freedom from their torso oppressors! Scissors can be used for this part instead of a rotary cutter but they don't do as nice a job.
  • Bam! That's it! Put on those leg warmers.
  • If you are rotary cutter-less, you are welcome to visit STASH and use our's for free to make your leg warmers! Heck, bring a few sweaters and make a bunch.