Swept away by UPPERCASE…

STASH hearts UppercaseUPPERCASE Magazine has the most amazing capacity to make me absolutely freak out every time I open an issue. This is not an exaggeration – an audio recording of my first look at their latest issue would sound something like ” Ohmygod they have an article on Tintypes – wait, oh this is a place where you can get your portrait done in tintype holy moly there’s an entire section on rug hooking who is that talented gal, arghh and of course that studio is amazingwhattheheck I looooove this issue” or something to that effect.

Janine Vangool, publisher, editor, and designer of UPPERCASE Magazine, has paired her passion for publishing with a keen eye for all that is creative and clever. This magazine is so obviously crafted with love (which is certainly STASH-approved) that it simply drips with delicious detail. From the vintage page tabs with typewritten labels to the careful selection of paper on which the publication is printed, the magazine is a work of art in itself.

STASH hearts sign makersEach issue has a theme and this issue, #16, hits particularly close to home for STASH. Focusing on the art of the traditional and handmade, issue #16 features interviews with modern artists who are creatively exploring traditional crafts in a modern world. Fibre artists, sign makers, ceramicists, traditional workwear manufacturers, broom makers, rug hookers, knitters, illustrators… Be still my beating heart!

Studio tours of creative spaces abound in each issue, and this issue will whisk you away to a former hospital/current art institution in Stockholm, a former cannery/current hub of creative businesses in Brooklyn, and even a tour of the home of Victoria Smith, AKA San Francisco Girl by the Bay. The gorgeous photography lets you explore these creative space as if you were there, and provie an initmate portrait of the people that each space reflects.

If you haven’t had a chance to look through a copy of UPPERCASE Magazine, STASH does have the latest issue available and I can almost guarantee that it will be love at first sight.

I’ll stop gushing now.

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