STASH’s Non-scientific Crafting Skill Level Rating System

Trying to make sense of our rating system? Well, here’ a handy guide!

Zero – No skills needed! The only thing that you need at this level is a desire to get your craft-on! If you have dabbled in your craft of interest then good on ya, keener!

Beginner – You have taken a class previously, maybe you can’t remember a lot of it, but you know that you dug it. To be considered a beginner (as opposed to dabbler) you must have completely finished one project. Just one! Oh, and you may have forgotten how to cast on. That’s okay, happens all the time!

Advanced Beginner – This is that sweet spot where you don’t get all panicky and nervous when knitting or crocheting  and you are feeling ready to take it to the next level. Oh yeah! You have made a couple of things (yes, face cloths, scarves, and flat toques do count). Oh, and you can sometimes even knit while watching tv.

Intermediate – While more complex things interest you, the simple things in crafting life can still capture your imagination. Enjoy the ride and take on comfortable projects, and maybe add a new technique or two! Here at STASH we still love the simplicity of a toque or cowl, and still are mastering the art of the provisional cast on!

Advanced Intermediate – You are getting bored with plain knitting or crochet and you keep pinning cabled socks and crochet boleros to your Pinterest page. Seize the day! Step it up a notch!

Advanced – Few people will attach this title to their skill level, but if you have knit more than 1 sweater, have ever knit magic loop socks and understood what was happening, or ever knit a lace shawl then, well, WE SALUTE YOU. Please stop by STASH and show us how to put that rescue line in lace knitting.

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