Spinning 102

$100 plus tax, all supplies included

Are you looking to expand your spinning skill set beyond the basics? In this learning environment you will get to try out different drafting and plying techniques – long draw, backward draft, spinning from the fold, 3 ply, chain plying, & cable plying – as well as discussing tips for spinning consistent yarns. Participants MUST have taken the Spinning 101 at STASH or demonstrate a working knowledge of how to spin in order to take the class. Peeps are welcome to use STASH’s Louet s17 during the class session, or you are welcome to bring your own wheel as long as you have working knowledge on how to use it (to be determined with a set of skill-testing questions, muhwahaha!).

Please only register one peep at a time, with a unique email and phone number for each!

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