Sneak Peak of New Product – in SONG

This MUST be read to the tune of “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man” by the brilliant Johnny Cash…

We’ve ordered everywhere, man,
We’ve ordered everywhere, man,
Scoured all of Instagram, man,
Creeped on Pinterest here, man,
We’ve ordered everywhere.

We’ve ordered:
Noro Silk Garden, Brooklyn Tweed Arbour,
Flock Fibre Studio Sweater Weather,
Viking Reflex, Hedgehog skinny singles,
Rico Yarns Creative Bubbles,
Juniper Moon Findley, Solid & dappled Zoey,
Fawn & the Fox Moose yarn, and even their minis!


We’re getting:
Manos del Uruaguay Alegria Grande,
Lark by Quince & Company, Sublime Stitching,
Sirdar Smudge and seed beads for funky bead knitting,
Woolen Boone, Books, Halo Bundles by fleece Artist,
Donegal Tweeds dyed by Olann, we are so excited for this!

We’ve ordered everything, man,
We’ve ordered everything, man,
Scoured all of Instagram , man,
Creeeped on Pinterest here, man,
We’ve ordered everything, man…

We’ve ordered every thing!

PS. There are way more things that we ordered; the song just got a bit out of control…

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