Our Booking Policy

Everyone at STASH wants you to get yer craft-on and we strive to do our best in giving you flexible options for booking a class with us. So here is what you can expect from STASH when you book a class:

We collect basic information – full name, phone number, and email – that we will only use to contact you to finalize registration , to use later to give you a friendly reminder of the class, or to call you if the class cannot proceed as scheduled. We do not share your information with anyone evah!

We require payment for classes in advance of the class. We can accept payment with a credit card over the phone or if you would prefer to pop by and pay in person, please feel free to just talk to us about it during booking and we are happy to make arrangements for you to pay within one week of booking.

Classes are first-come, first served. This means that if we got an overnight influx of voicemail and online bookings for a wicked new class, we will put them in chronological order and contact each person to offer them their spot. Our wait list works the same way. We feel that this is fair to everyone and we strive to communicate with everyone as clearly as possible.

If you need to cancel and give us more than 48 hours notice, we will gladly give you equal credit or a refund. We know that in the modern world life can throw you for a loop, so call us as soon as possible at 403 457 0766 if you are running into scheduling troubles! Phone messages and email are perfectly fine methods to communicate a cancellation but credit or refund arrangements need to be discussed over the phone.

If you need to cancel and give us less than 48 hours notice, we cannot provide a refund or a credit. Our classes proceed based on enrolment and last minute cancellations can have a pretty dire effect on being able to offer that class again in the future. Also, less than 48 hours notice does not give us enough time to give the spot to someone who has been wait listed and were patiently waiting for a call. If you need to miss a class that has more than one session, please let us know as soon as possible.

If STASH ever has to cancel a class, we will contact you as soon as possible and arrange an immediate refund to you, or arrange for re-booking or credit if you prefer. This situation occasionally arises when a class does not reach the minimum number of participants to cover the cost of offering the class (usually three peeps). Sometimes the class may have to be cancelled because an irreplaceable instructor has fallen ill or has a family emergency. We don’t like to cancel classes, and we try hard to not do it, but when we do we will be sure to handle it quickly and professionally.

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