New in store

Here’s a peek of what’s new in-store, freshly re-stocked, or on the way. Just for fun we have included a micro review! Its like speed dating for yarn & accessories…

Addi FlexiFips

“These needles have saved me from being caught in a tangled mess of magic loop cords.”

Addi Thimble Finger Ring

“Ideal for continental knitters but workable for english knitters too, you use this to manage two colours of yarn – those Norwegians are just so smart (shakes fist in air at Norway)!”

Estelle Alpaca Merino Bulky

“The new Estelle Bulky is a soft, dense 4-ply that makes me want to quit everything and knit vintage Mary Maxim sweaters for a living.”

Quince & Company Owl

“The woolpaca-iest worsted of all the Quince lines, this yarn is so yumm that Quince’s newest book is devoted to using it so we bought it all and blissfully rolled in it like a dog on green grass on a summer’s day.”

Lykke Amber & Indigo Interchangeable needle sets

“I like to open up the case and pet these needles like a cat.”

DMC Flosses in 35 new colours

“At first I didn’t get why DMC needed more colours since there are already like one million but then I saw the new colour range and realized that they have hired someone under the age of 30 with a social media account and re-joined the crafting game.”

Olann Donegal Tweed Aran & Fingering

“Olann’s indie-dyed tweed bases are the physical manifestation Siouxie & the Banshees singing James Joyce quotes like ‘He wanted to cry quietly but not for himself: for the words, so beautiful and sad, like music’.”.

Kiriki Press Kits

“These kits are simply the best route to staging an elaborate tea party with woodland animals.”

Juniper Moon Cummulus

“I touched a skein of it, traveled through an entirely new dimension of space, yarn, and time, and bought it in every colour for the store.”

Hedgehog Skinny Singles

“In 2014 I vowed to never knit a shawl in fingering weight and now I own eight Hedgehog colourways in preparation for my shlanket masterpiece – this stuff is basically yarn crack.”

Araucania Huasco Heathers & Huasco Sock

“How is this base so squishy and what magical elves did they enslave to dye that magical speckle?!”

Sublime Stitching, assorted supplies

“These designs are so cool that every time I embroider a Sublime Stitching pattern I am filled with an urge to get a sweet betty tattoo on my collarbone.”

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