New Classes – a fairy tale

Once upon a time a fair princess wanted to craft but could not find the supplies or time to learn. After years of scouring the land on her fine silver steed named Apple Eye Foan, passing through treacherous webs of internets and shaky youtube videos, she at last arrived at STASH.

The classes swooped overhead in the shape of sweet owls and she called to them and the newest of the classes each landed on her arms, and they were named:

Brioche Shawl KAL
Christmas Stocking
Cricket Tricks
Duplicate Stitch Crash Course
Granny Square Crash Course
Intro to Amigurumi
Lace Crash Course
Macrame Owl 
Next Step Stitch Sampler 
Punch Needle Basics 
Spinning 102
Textured Shawl
Yoke Sweater KAL   

And then the princess realized that she was clearly actually a queen because only a brilliant and crafty queen could carry herself so regally under the weight of magnificent mini owls. And so she won at Life. The End.

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