My Pinterest Addiction

STASH hearts PinterestI'm gonna say it: Pinterest makes me MAD with DELIGHT. Not only does Pinterest appeal to my natural hoarding tendencies it also appeals to my love of all things clever. And OH the clever things to find on Pinterest!

Crochet pin cushions! It's the strangest sensation to be so attached to something that does not even exist in reality. My boards are not real boards, yet I rearrange them and curate them as if they were on my living room wall! Starting a new board is a decision not to be taken lightly, nor is deleting one (can you even delete a board? I’ve never been so insane as to consider it – hours of “work” would just go down the drain!).

A lovely shop on PinterestThe most appealing thing to me is that I can follow the thought patterns and taste preferences of a total stranger in a totally awesome place and get a glimpse at ideas that I never would have found myself. While I do not have the luxury of walking down the streets of Copenhagen or New York to browse mind-blowingly adorable shops, some wicked designer there does, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for taking pictures while doing it.

I also like that I can share these finds and gems with you, because inspiration is contagious, and Pinterest is one of those rare things that help spread yummy goodness like the flu.

So keep on pinning on!

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