ME Month Contest

Erhmigherd it’s time for STASH’s annual Me-Month contest! So maybe you slaved away on making thoughtful & adorable holiday gifts for the past few months and now it’s time for some crafterly self-care. The Me-Month contest is the perfect excuse to treat yo-self to some crafty goodness! How it works:

Step 1: pick a project that is for YOU.
Step 2: pick yarn for your project that was bought at STASH.
Step 3: Cast on, warp that loom, or spin that yarn, you crafty peep you!
Step 4: Take a photo of your fresh, self-indulgent work-in-progress.
Step 5: Share that photo on Instagram, Facebook, or in an email to us, with the name of the yarn, the pattern, and the hashtag #memonth @stashlounge in the text.

Boom! That is how you enter the contest. So, what is the prize anyways? Umm, how about a $100 gift certificate to STASH?!  That beats the heck out of a bath bomb any day…

Contest closes on January 31st, and we will notify the winner via private message through the method used to enter the contest.

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