Loom Rental FAQs

IF you have questions about our Cricket Loom Rental Program, please peruse through these handy FAQ!  If you still have pressing questions, please call us at 403 457 0766 or email us at needles@stashlounge.com.

How does the rental booking work?

STASH has three looms available to rent, and they each have different pick-up/drop-off schedules. Choose a date on the rental page and you will have a loom available to you for that week!

In order to rent a loom with STASH, you must have attended a free Cricket Class and received a Cricket Certificate OR you must prove that you have working knowledge of how to use a rigid heddle loom (it involves a skill-testing quiz ūüôā ).

When renting, valid credit cand and rental paperwork to be on file.

Please give yourself 15 to 20 minutes for pick-up and drop-off, as we need to finish paperwork and look over your kits!


Are extra heddles included in the booking cost?

The rental fee includes one heddle in a size of your choice, and extra heddle sizes can be rented at $10 each plus tax.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you call in and give us 48 hours notice from the pick-up date that you would like to cancel your rental then we will be happy to give you a full refund or, if preferred, credit. This gives us enough time to contact another equally awesome peep to rent the loom. Any cancellations that are less than 48 hours from the pick up date, including no-shows, are non-refundable.


Are rentals pro-rated if I do not need it for the entire week?

Pick-up/drop-off dates are not adjustable so if cannot pick up your loom on the selected booking day the loom still needs to be returned on the scheduled drop-off day. Loom rentals are not prorated for late pick-ups or early drop-offs. This is why we kept the rental fee as fair as possible for you!


Can I get someone else to pick up my loom?

Yes as long as valid credit and and rental paperwork are provided in advance and arrangements have been made for someone else other than yourself to pick it up!


Can I pick up or drop off my loom after you have closed?

We ask that you pick-up or drop-off the loom during regular business hours because there is no where to store that awesome loom safely outside of our building. Also, we want to go over the contents of the kit with you during pick-up/drop-off so that we are all on the same page!


Can I pay over the phone?

Yes, as long as you are paying by credit card, and that the rental paperwork has been signed and emailed back to us.


What is the minimum and maximum rental period?

The rentals are for one week periods. We are setting it up this way so that all of our awesome peeps have a fair chance to book! This may change after a couple of months, once we better understand how this rental thang is going to go.


How much deposit is required?

We require that our rental paperwork, including valid credit card info and photo ID, be kept on file with authorization to charge up to $300 in the event that a loom is not returned to us or if the loom is damaged upon return. If you do not have a valid credit card, a cash deposit of $300 can be dropped off and will be kept until the loom is returned.


What happens if my loom is returned late?

We have to charge $30 per day that the loom is returned late because a late loom triggers a loss of revenue. The late fees stop at $300 (the deposit amount), at which point the loom is all yours to keep!


Will I get my deposit back immediately?

After the initial rental fee of $30 plus tax, we will only actually charge your account in the event that you return your loom late or if the loom is damaged while in your care. So as long as you return your loom on time and in proper condition you will never even get a deposit charge at all!


What happens if something if something goes wrong?

All of our looms kits are serviced before each rental however on the odd occasion when a problem does arise then give us a call! We will determine if you need to pop by for some assistance or if you need a replacement loom.  Should you find a fault please let us know straight away!

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