Local Yarn Shop Day!

Mark it on your calendars peeps because April 21st is LYS Day! What the heck does that mean?!

Well, knitting has come a long way in recent years and thanks to Local Yarn Shops all over the country we all get to knit with amazing bases from indie dyers, new designers, local suppliers, and other creatives in the fibre industry! So, what are we offering on LYS Day?

  • Exclusive LYS Day kits from Ancient Arts – nom nom nom…
  • Pom Pom Press Promo – buy  any one PPP publication and receive a free download for one out of print Pom Pom Quarterly Magazine!
  • Product giveaways every hour on the hour at STASH from 11am to 4pm. Say whaaaaaat???

We have a few other things up our sleeve but still need to work out the full, delicious deets! One thing is for sure, we love parties and darn it we love you guys – thank you for all of your support. See you on April 21st!


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