Knitted Knockers

STASH proudly supports Knitted Knockers Alberta

UPDATE – Cascade Ultra Pima now IN STOCK, in a selection of lovely colours (no neutrals).

STASH is proud to support Knitted Knockers Alberta – an amazing organization that gets hand knit breast prosthetics to those who have undergone mastectomies or other relevant surgeries.

How supportive are we? we are doing a couple of awesome things to get some Knockers knit up!

STASH is an official drop off location for Knitted Knockers Alberta for South Calgary – so drop yer’ knit boobs off at our shop!

STASH sells Cascade Ultra Pima cotton DK at COST to any knitter who wants to participate in this great program.

STASH proudly supports Knitted Knockers AlbertaThe pattern is free on the Knitted Knockers Alberta Website and there are options for the Knockers to be knit on straight needles or double points, or even crocheted, so that crafters of all shapes and sizes can contribute.

This IS an excellent cause and we encourage you to read the testimonials from Knitted Knockers America to understand the difference you can make in the lives of others.

Need yarn but it’s not available in your neck of the woods? We ship the yarn to locations in ALBERTA that do not have a local yarn shop. Due to a limited supply of the cotton used, STASH can no longer ship Cascade Ultra Pima outside of Alberta. For more information about this change in policy, please feel free to read our memo.

So if you are in Alberta and you do not have a local yarn shop, please fill out this form below and we will contact you to review your order!

We kindly ask that you first check with your local yarn shop and ask if they can carry Cascade Ultra Pima DK before requesting a shipment from STASH. Please note that we require payment over the phone using a major credit card.

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