Gifts to give Knitters

How do you shop for a knitter? To non-knitters, knitting appears to be a mysterious, cryptic, and slightly magical hobby; one that involves using long, strange, wand-like sticks to transform squishy yarns into wearable works of art. While every woman loves to have an air of mystery about her, she also likes to get fun stuff for the holidays.

So here is STASH's guide to gifts to give knitters!

Give an experience at STASHPick # 4- Give knitting experiences. Normally I don;t advocate giving gift certificates and the only reason that this is on the list is because when a knitter gets a gift certificate for a yarn shop, they are also essentially getting permission to treat themselves to yarns, classes, and other goodies without any worry about cost. They might pick out something to knit for themselves and not give it away!  They might learn how to knit a mitten! That, my friends, is a gift of love.

Super soft alpaca yarns at STASHPick # 3 – Super nice, squishy yarns. Too vague? If you ever have the chance, take a look at what your knitting friend is working on, and take note of how thick or thin it is, what colour, or any other interesting aspect. if you really want to Nancy Drew it up, dig into their knitting bag when they are not looking and take a pic of the label! Bring your sleuthy info with you to a yarn shop and the staff can then help you really crack the case of “The Knitter who needs More Wool”.

Give the gift of sanityPick # 2 – Woolygig. Also known as yarn holder, ball holder, or other succinct but bland names, the woolygig is a lovely hand made item to keep a knitter's yarn from whipping around the floor, under the couch, around chair legs, or other bizarre, tangled configurations while knitting. All that they do is place their ball of wool on the spindle and then the spindle of wool turns as the knitter pulls on it. A newer knitting accessory, many knitters have yet to even discover this gem and you will truly surprise them!

Spin yarn right round baby right round,  like a record bay right round, round round!Pick # 1 – Swift & ball winder. This is number one for personal reasons. I got my first ball winder and swift as a Christmas gift and they are cherished tools in my knitting life. Swifts and ball winders are used to transform a skein of yarn into a knit-able ball in mere minutes. They are ridiculously fun to use, they save so much time, yet knitters rarely buy them for themselves. However, when a knitter gets a swift and winder they sort of loose their minds with joy.

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