Rent a Loom

Rent a cricket loom at STASH$30 plus tax

These cricket looms are intriguing, mai oui? If weaving is catching your eye but you don’t want to commit to your first piece of loom-y equipment then a loom rental might be just the thing for you! The best part is that your $30 rental fee can go towards the purchase of a loom if you buy it within three months of the loom rental date! Woot!

To rent a cricket loom at STASH you MUST have one of the following:

Get yer Cricket Certificate at STASH by participating in a free Cricket Loom class Β (dates and registration deets are here)


Demonstrate any previous experience with rigid heddle or larger looms (tapestry looms do not qualify, sorry!). Basically we will quiz you with skill-testing questions πŸ™‚


Provide valid credit and rental paperworkΒ at the time of pick up

If you are all hooked up with a Cricket certificate or other qualifications then you can rental a loom today:

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