Cricket Loom Rental

Rent a cricket loom at STASH$30 plus tax

These cricket looms are intriguing, mai oui? If weaving is catching your eye but you don’t want to commit to your first piece of loom-y equipment then a loom rental might be just the thing for you!

To rent a cricket loom at STASH you MUST have one of the following:

Have taken our Cricket Loom Class (Check our available class dates here!)


Demonstrate any previous experience with rigid heddle or larger looms (tapestry looms do not qualify, sorry!). Basically we will quiz you with skill-testing questions πŸ™‚


Provide valid credit and rental paperworkΒ at the time of pick up

If you are all hooked up with a Cricket certificate or other qualifications then you can rental a loom today:

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