Crafty Rewards

STASH's loyalty rewards card is sweet!Beep! That is the sound of your new fancy reward card scanning and collecting reward points at STASH.

Yes, you read that right! You asked, we listened (it’s what we do!) and we are pretty freakin’ excited to announce a loyalty program for our awesome peeps.

How it works:

Sign up in-store during your next visit with an email address and phone number

Or sign up online here!

Why sign up? Crafty peeps earn one point for every ten dollars spent, and these points can be redeemed for knitting needles, saving on your total purchase, and you will get offers and mini sales sent right to you, exclusive to members only.

To use your loyalty card:

When you visit STASH, scan your card at checkout (or provide your phone number) and our staff will then see what offers you can redeem and will also add points to your card as you earn ‘em. That’s it. Simple. Fun. Rewarding. Just like knitting!

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