Sneak Peek! A look at Veronica’s kit…

knitting tools for the serious knitterWhat’s in your knitting kit? Here is a peek at Veronica’s essentials to have on hand for some serious knitting…

Interchangeable needles at STAS

1. Knitters Pride Dreamz interchangeable knitting needles in the Standard Deluxe set (3.5mm to 8.0mm) for $120; the Chunky set (9.0mm to 12.0mm) for $50; individual Knitters Pride Dreamz Needle tip in 15.0mm for $20.

2. Knitters Pride Dreams interchangeable knitting needles in the Special short set (3.5mm to 6.0mm) for $78.

3. Hiya Hiya Steel Sharp tip interchangeable set in Large (5.5mm to 10mm) for $95

4. Twig Prints handmade zippered pouch,

Knitting accessories at STASH

1. Aesop Hand Balm for $45, purchased at Fresh laundry (

2. STASH cutter, free with classes at STASH

3. Darning needles, 2 sizes, free with classes at STASH

4. Knitters Pride needle gauge for $8

5. Measuring tape for $2

6. Assorted stitch markers and handmade label for $0.50 to $2

7. Personal scissors with pointy tips

8. Project bag by Magesty Industries for $55

Simple Scarves fer’ givin’…

Wheat by Tin Can Knits is a fave scarf at STASHHey crafty peeps, ’tis the season for giving! Whether you want to knit a scarf for a friend or for a charity (may we recommend the AHS Yarn Bomb with Heart?), these simple scarves will do the trick!

Wheat Scarf
by Tin Can Knits
worsted weight (#4 medium)

Easy Neckwarmer/Headband
by Jessica Bolof
worsted weight (#4 medium)

Mistake Rib Scarf
by Liat Gat
bulky weight (#5 bulky)

Garter Stitch Scarf
by Beth Richardson
bulky weight (#5 bulky)

Squishy Scarf
by Cherie Searles
super-bulky (#6 super-bulky)

Pidge Neck Warmer
by Karen Spalink
super-bulky (#6 super bulky)

Quince & Co. Pre Order Party

Preorder Party Invite!

Woot! STASH is going to be a flagship store for Quince & Co. in Calgary, AB!  We will be stocking CHICKADEE, OSPREY, and PUFFIN in over 15 colours each to start, and will continue to offer a great selection of KESTREL and SPARROW. We are pretty darn excited about this and, to celebrate, we are having a pre-order party and YOU are invited.

We will be serving iced tea, lemonade, and other sweets so that you can peruse all of our Quince & Co. colour cards and squish our sample yarns. We will have a door prize too!

If you have an item made with Quince & Co, please bring it for us to admire and you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate for STASH!

We would love it if you RSVP’ed and we look forward to seeing you there. In fact, if you RSVP, you will be entered to win a Quince & Co. prize!


Warm up your hands

Five patterns hand picked for youTime to pick up your knittin’ and get in the groove

If you haven’t knit all summer and want to get back in the groove, why not flex yo’ muscles with some lovely mittens?

Maize Fingerless Mittens By Tin Can Knits

Seed Stitch Mittens by Purl Soho

Newfoundland Mitts by Jillian S. Hess

Toddler Mittens-on-a-string by Ruth Bendig

Squirrel & Oak Mittens by Adrien Bizilia

Haven’t mastered double point needles yet? Check out our Tubular Octopus class – a primer on all things double point. Ready to mitten it up? We have Mighty Mittens, and Thrummed Mittens too!

Substituting Yarns!

How to substitute yarnsSo you fell in love with a pattern but the yarn it calls for was made on Mars, is worth its weight in gold, or hasn’t been manufactured since 1994. Before your heart breaks into little itty bitty pieces, lets look at how to substitute yarns – and it is easier than you may think!

First, you need to understand the yarn that needs substitution. Get to KNOW that yarn! At STASH we like to go to Ravelry (for everything, cause it’s AWESOME) and look up the yarn. Here is what to really look for:

details about substituting yarnsWhat weight is the yarn? Is it fingering, sock, sport, DK, worsted, aran, bulky, super bulky? You will need to look at substitutions that are the same weight as the yarn needing subbing. As an example, according to all-knowing Ravelry Spud & Chloe Fine is fingering weight. Good to know!

What yardage or meterage is the yarn? A pattern may call for 3 skeins of Spud & Chloe Fine, but how many meters, exactly, would that mean? Spud & Chloe Fine has 227 meters of lovely yarn, so times that by three and your theoretical project needs 681 meters of fingering weight yarn.

Substituting yarnsExtra geek points if you look at the yarn gauge (NOT the gauge for the pattern as discussed in this amazing blog post, but the label gauge listed for the yarn itself).  Spud & Chloe Fine knits up from anywhere between 28 to 32 sts to achieve 4 inches across on a needle ranging from 2.25mm to 3.25mm. You will want your substitution yarn to do around the same thing! Amazingly, Cascade Heritage Sock NAILS this gauge and is a near-perfect substitute for Spud & Chloe Fine.

Super geekdom points for considering the fiber content. If you factor in the type of fibers that the original yarn requires then high five my friend because you are about to crowned Queen of Yarn Subs! This often over-looked detail can mean the difference between your sweater draping nicely or your socks bagging around your ankles.

Here is a less wordy comparison based on these four knit-tastic points:

how to substitute yarns

Now you are armed with some serious info and can look at labels of other yarns to see if they are a decent fit. High-five!

Curious about Spud & Chloe Fine and its cute second-cousin Cascade Heritage Sock? Here is a link to all of the amazing free patterns that have used Spud & Chloe Fine that can be subbed. You’re welcome!

And remember, if this all sounded like garble-dy goop, STASH staff are ALWAYS happy to help you find a sub yarn so feel free to pop by for a visit!

Four Super Simple Travel Knits

travel-friendly patterns for youWhether you are chillin’ by the Dead Sea, campin’ by the Bow River, or browsing though Parisian flea markets, these free patterns are prefect lil’ thangs for your next trip.

Skyping Beanie by Halldora J – a great hat with an X shaped crown for guys n’ gals

Nick Cowl by Heidi Kirrmaier – a clean, clever cowl with a sporty drawstring

Seedy Bow Band by Courtney Spainhower – A bit of whimsy and cute to pack in your travel bag.

Simple Sideways Triangle Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas – So simple and brilliant that you could make this in your sleep.

As always, STASH provides one-on-one pattern assistance so if you need yarn ideas or needles, pop by and ask for help!

Knitting tips for travellers

One of the most-asked questions at STASH is “Can I fly with knitting needles?” The answer is YES! The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) allows knitting needles, but security screeners may not like what they see in your kit. CATSA outlines what you can bring on planes

Here are some general tips to make your travel knitting go smoothly and not involve an argument at the security gate…

1. Use bamboo or wood needles. Unlike metal needles, these needles do NOT look like horrible weapons when scanned in your carry on or luggage. I once brought size 15 mm 16″ long circular metal Addi Turbo needles across the country with me and security searched my carry on Every. Single. Time. I have never had trouble with bamboo or wood needles. Even interchangeable metal tips have known to be problematic, so go natural for travelling.

tips for travelling with knitting needles2. Use circulars if possible. Circulars are shorter and easier to pack than straight needles. They don’t look like foot long weapons. They don’t poke the person sitting next to you on the plane. Best of all, you can’t DROP a needle that is attached by a cord to its mate. I dropped a double point needle once on the plane and it rolled TWO aisles away – awk-waaaard! Also, you can knit flat on circular needles, they are not just for kntting awesome tubes.

3. Pick smaller projects. As much as we love super bulky yarns at STASH they are simply not practical for travel knits. Instead pick a smaller gauge of yarn such as worsted, dk, or sock. Sweater projects are another no-no – they eat up precious luggage space that is really needed for souvenir yarn purchases during your trip to Turkey!

4. Find a small, thin, project bag for your knitting. Not only can needles roll around on a plane, your ball of yarn can go rogue too! Reign that yarn in with a cloth project bag that you can dangle from your wrist or elbow rest.

5. Pack multiple paper copies of your pattern. When travelling it is a bad idea to rely on your iPad as a pattern source – batteries can go dead and even paper copies can go missing so keep a spare pattern in your checked luggage. That way you don’t loose your marbles when the main pattern inevitably disappears on the streets of Prague, or is left on a picnic table in Jasper.

6. Pick a simple pattern. The project needs to be a bit mindless so that distractions like mariachi bands or breaching whales don’t knock you off kilter if you look up and enjoy the view from the Eiffel Tower. Also, counting sucks when on a crowded subway in Tokyo.

7. Never pack scissors. I once had Transport Canada’s rules printed off and with me and security still would not let me carry through a pair of children’s scissors. I’m going to point out that said scissors were designed so that CHILDREN could not hurt themselves, but evidently they were still considered a risk to national security. STASH cutters are a great option because they do not have an open blade, making them flight-friendly!

8. The rules are different in every country. What swings in Canada may not jive in Croatia, so familiarize yourself with airport rules at any exotic locale to which you travel. That, or brush up on your Hindi phrases so that you can attempt to explain knitting to a security guard in a foreign land.

Inspired to knit while travelling? Check out our blog post of STASH’s top four traveling-friendly patterns for summer!

Stay Cool, Peeps!

A free pattern roundup for cool knitters at STASH

First, we picked through Ravelry to find you some sweet knitting patterns that will keep your mind in cool places! Second, STASH has kickass air conditioning. Finally, Frozen Assets Ice Cream will be on deck on Sundays and some Thursdays through the summer (follow ‘em on Twitter to get the scoop on their locations all week long! Get it? Scoop? )…

Scooped - Knit yer’ own ice cream cone with this free pattern by Marcie by Nishioka.

Ice Cream Sandwiches by Ilana Marks- Another free pattern? Yes please! Ice cream sandwiches are our fave.

Light Sword Freeze Pop Cozy – A free crochet pattern so that your Mr. Freeze can double as a light sword while you enjoy gmomming on it without having a cold hand! Genius.

Water Bottle Sling – Lug around refreshing aqua with this crocheted sling, a free pattern by Nicola Newington.

A Sun Hat by Kristi Pyatt – Warning, this is cute as all heck, and free to boot.

So stay cool, crafty peeps!

P.S. Did you know that Ravelry has an entire category called “Food Cozy”?! High five, Ravelry for being on TOP of THAT.

Don’t know what to knit with DK?

Passe-partout shawl, on Ravelry

So now that DK yarns have inspired us,  it’s time explore the PLETHORA of wicked patterns that are so awesome that it sort of freaks us out. Here you go!


Civilized peeps might want to knit up this lovely, textured shawl called “Passe-partout” by Maanel… 




Grey Loop Cowl by Helen G on Ravelry


Boho peeps may want to knit up this double-length “Grey Loop” cowl by Helen G




Simple Knit Shrug by Purl Avenue  on Ravelry


Chilly peeps could really use this beautiful “Simple Knit Shrug” by Purl Avenue...







Teensy little mini-peeps would probably love to wiggle around in this “Baby hat with Top Knot” by Julie Taylor…



Granny Stripes blanket by Anna of Attic24 on Ravelry


Peeps with magical crochet skills could wow us with the “Granny Stripes” blanket by Lucy of Attic24…