Fast Knits for Sharp Wits

So who else woke up today and realized that its almost freaking DECEMBER? If you haven’t already started busting out handmade gifts then here are a few ideas that may just get finished in time to slide under the Christmas tree.

We developed a clever little project that knits quick and looks impressive even though it’s a cinch to make, called the Keyhole Scarf! Knit it for yo’ baby, knit it for yo’ mama, knit it for yo’self! Its fits everyone and it is adorbs.

Here are more patterns to inspire and instil knitting hope into your gift making plans! Knit! Knit like the wind!

Beloved Aran Hat

A classic hat that aims to please!

The Boyfriend Set

Knit the hat OR the scarf, or BOTH if you give’r!

Helena’s Bonnet

Any wee one would be as cute as a button in this modern bonnet.

Baby Boots

Baby feet are small and yummy and easy to knit for.

Leg Warmers

No one would turn away a pair of these legwarmers!

Collette Beret

Ain’t no tam like a Nan Tam.

Slush Hat

A quick hat by a clever Newfoundlander.


Simple Ribbed Beanie

This hat uses super bulky. Nuff Said.


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